Check Out Smiles in Progress at our Fort Wayne IN Dental Office

This page is devoted to showing a treatment plan that is in process.


Without getting too technical you will see how we take duplicate sets of stone models (that we make from impressions of the patients teeth) and make the necessary corrections right on the models. These corrected models now become our 3D blueprint, our preview of the desired restorative result.


Dr Trok does all this work himself. This blueprint helps eliminate guesswork and it gives him the best sequence to create the most predictable result.


We realize not everyone can proceed with all the treatment immediately. For those people who prefer to sequence over time, we find the blueprint makes sequencing possible without compromising the end result.


Since a picture tells a thousand words, this pictorial essay should speak for itself. If, however, you have questions about what you see, never hesitate to call or send me an email from this site.


It’s great having you here, because my work is never done and it IS most certainly a labor of LOVE.











         Notice how much gum tissue                                  

                this person shows.                

Lips retracted showing the unevenness

of the gum tissue from left to right.












Three dimensional (3-D)/stone model of                              3-D working, blueprint model, showing

  the upper teeth and gum tissue                                         all the elements of an esthetic smile; 

as seen in the first two photos.                                            gum line is level across and the teeth

                                                                                          look very natural in size and shape.












First set of temporary crowns prior to the gum tissue reshaping

Gum tissue reshaped; new temporary crowns made to aid healing & to create a better smile line.



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