We are extremely proud of the efforts we make to assure our staff and patients that our office in Fort Wayne, IN is clean and the instruments are sterile. One specific concern that Dr. Trok and Dr. Krider have always had is the build-up of bacteria (called “biofilm”) within the water lines.


Rather than wait for some governmental regulation, Dr. Trok and Dr. Krider decided to be proactive. We installed the “Pureline” water purifier by Sterisil. It is a state-of-the-art water treatment system that provides 100% bacteria-free water from our Fort Wayne dental unit to your mouth.


Another piece of the infection control puzzle is the sterilization area and how we handle those instruments that go into your mouth. Our SteriCenter is organized to give us a packet of instruments that are safely and securely wrapped in a strong metal cassette. We know that by carefully and scientifically monitoring each sterilization cycle, every instrument that was contaminated is absolutely sterile. Because it is sealed in a high-tech paper wrap, the instruments remain sterile until we open the cassette for you.


Below is another site that you may find interesting on this subject. Merely click on the link to learn more about the Sterisil system as well as the latest clinical trials being done by Loma Linda University and Montana State University.



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