Safe Mercury Removal

The use and dangers of Mercury (Hg) fillings and the best practices for its removal have long been debated. The ADA has challenged anyone making claims of the dangers of Hg fillings or the benefits of having Hg fillings replaced. However, bodies of scientific evidence and years of experience have led us to believe there is no longer a need for Hg fillings in dentistry.
Since we care deeply about your safety and well-being, we do not use Hg fillings in our practice. Additionally, we offer any patient who has a concern about Hg fillings the opportunity to follow the protocol outlined below:
1. Referral to doctor for lab testing and/or chelation therapy to identify and reduce the level of heavy metals in the body.
2.  Serum Compatibility Testing for the purpose of identifying which products are best suited for the patient's immune system.
3.  The use of rubber dam, copious amounts of water, and high-volume suction to keep mercury vapor and dust from being swallowed.
4.  The use of air filtration devices to filter the air from the harmful vapor that is created when removing mercury fillings.
5.  Each mercury filling is removed by sectioning with a carbide bur.
6. The use of an air filtration system and an ion filtration system designed to manage heavy metal contaminants such as Hg.
7. The use of a rubber dam, copious amounts of water and high-volume suction to keep Hg vapor and dust from being swallowed.
8. Using Metal Free for five months and lab testing to evaluate the level of heavy metals in the body.
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