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What is Whole Food Nutrition? And, what are the benefits?


Simply stated, whole food can be seen as anything produced by mother nature rather than man. Additionally, whole food is also fresh or raw and has not gone thru any type of processing, such as homogenation, pasteurization, or dehydration. When I think of whole food I think fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Meat does not factor into the equation of being a whole food.

Even though I am not a vegetarian, I realize the importance of making fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains, the most important part of my diet. All other food such as meat, eggs, diary and processed food should be kept to a minimum.


Juice Plus+® is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But because most people simply can't, don't, or won't, Juice Plus+® helps fill that gap.



The large and growing body of Juice Plus+® clinical research is leading more and more doctors and other health professionals to recommend Juice Plus+®. One of the most recent double-blind study comes from Great Britain and it speaks volumes to how effective this product can be for people with periodontal disease.



As always, if you have any questions about what you see or read about on this web site, please contact me at 260.450.2452(cell) or 260.625.5100(office).

Visit The Juice Plus Website for more information about purchasing these products.








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